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On a recent phone call to Norm's RV, Mike Powers rated the call as a 1-star experience.

His comments from Yelp:

I'll make this short and sweet - really bad experience on the phone with Norm himself. I called to find out information about how much owning an RV would cost. Norm had all the buzz words but absolutely no information at all. I really felt like I was getting the "soft sell, you're my friend and you can trust me, whamo I got you" treatment. Norm never gave me any cost information after I asked him point blank 3 times... he just kept referring to the "emotional" factor instead of the "accounting" factor.

Listen for yourself:

Source of the review:

After posting this page, Mike posted the following on Yelp:

Wow.. okay Kim. I just listened to your recording of my phone call to Norm and I stand by my review. I asked Norm over and over again to give me some idea of what it would cost to own an RV. He never once answered my question. If after 20 years in the RV rental/sales business Norm has no idea of the cost of ownership of an RV, he must be totally incompetent. As per your illegal recording, at the start of the phone call I asked about cost information. Then Norm went on for 20 minutes of telling about everything but cost information. Then the last 4 minutes I asked yet again.. but of course he dodged the questions.

Your illegal recording of my phone call includes personally identifiable information about me and my family. Then you published it on the internet. If I come back here tomorrow and find an illegal recording of my voice I will report you to the police. No, check that, I am going to report this right now.

Sorry, Mike.  The First Amendment is a two-way street!


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