What Is Included With Your Rental RV

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What's Included

Your rental RV from Norm's RV will be a thoroughly cleaned (inside and out) and meticulously maintained current year model RV. The water tank will be full and the holding tanks will be empty and deodorized. The refrigerator will be chilled and ready for food. The batteries will be fully charged.

At the time of departure you will be given extensive training regarding every aspect of how the RV functions. In addition, there will be a complete manual on board should questions arise during your trip as to the operation of a particular device or feature. Plus, you can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week on a toll-free number. In the rare case that you have a break down, 24 hour roadside assistance is available on all motorhomes.

Aloha Provisioning Package

The Aloha Provisioning Package is required on every trip. It includes the following: Vacation Saver Protection (details below), Initial holding tank chemical treatment; Initial supply of RV toilet tissue; Fresh water tank filled; Final exterior wash; Use of the following (must be returned if not a consumable item): fresh water hose, water pressure regulator, sewer dump hose, holding tank evacuation gloves, leveling ramps, refrigerator leveling gauge, 15-30 amp electrical adapter, spare fuses, cleaning supplies, TV coax cable, tire pressure gauge, weight distributing hitch (on trailers only) and 4-way screwdriver. The Aloha package is a one-time per trip charge based on the size/type of RV you take.

Vacation Saver Protection

Every effort has been made and every possible precaution taken by Norm's RV Inc. to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable trip. However, certain events are beyond our control. Events such has mechanical breakdown and equipment malfunction can occur in even the newest and nicest of motorhomes. As protection against the unlikely occurrence of such a problem, Norm's RV Inc. includes Vacation Saver protection as part of the Aloha Package. In the event the Vehicle becomes inoperable due to a malfunction of the power train or brakes, not caused by the renter, and necessary repairs preclude the use of the house portion, Norm's RV will pay for reasonable meals, lodging and a rental car, up to a maximum amount of $175.00 per day for each twenty-four hour period that the Vehicle is in such a condition (Full Benefit). If the Vehicle is fully functional except for the power train or brakes, which are inoperative, and the house portion of the Vehicle is habitable during the repair process, payment by Norm's RV will be reduced to a maximum of $75.00 to cover reasonable costs for meals and a rental car for each twenty-four hour period that the power train or brakes are inoperative (Partial Benefit). If the dash air conditioning, forced air furnace, microwave oven, generator, refrigerator, house water pump, roof air conditioning, slide out room or water heater become inoperative, Lessee shall receive ten dollars ($10.00) per day per item, up to a maximum of seventy dollars ($70.00) per item and up to a maximum of three hundred dollars ($300.00) per trip (Component Benefit). The Vacation Saver option is not available if you will be towing with the motorhome. Coverage amounts are less for rental trailers. Ask a reservation agent for details.

What's Available:

All of the above form the mandatory charges. The following features or items are available at an additional cost and need to be selected prior to departure.

Interior Cleaning & Holding Tank Evacuation

The interior of the RV will be clean for you at the time of departure. The holding tanks will be empty and deodorized. The RV needs to be returned in a clean re-rentable condition with the holding tanks evacuated. Or, if you prefer, you can prepay for interior cleaning and holding tank evacuation. The rate is discounted if you prepay and therefore is not a refundable should you change your mind while on your trip. The rate varies depending on the size/type of unit you take. Or, you can pay for individual services at the end of your trip as needed.

Stocking Package

As part of the Aloha Provisioning Package, you will have the basics needed to operate your RV. If you would like to have the unit stocked with all of the sheets, towels, dishes and utensils, this can be done with advance notice.

Airport Shuttle

For fly/drive vacations, airport shuttle service ia available from Lindbergh Field (SAN).  No appointment is necessary.  Simply go to the shuttle island where you will find shuttles waiting 24/7.

Collision Damage Responsibility

On motorhomes, standard automobile type insurance coverage (collision, liability, comprehensive) is available for a daily fee. Your responsibility level will be $5000.00 per event.  State minimum limits of liability apply.  Or you may provide a binder from your auto and use your personal insurance at no charge.  Your company may charge a fee for a binder


Your motorhome can be equipped to tow certain vehicles. Preparation is necessary in order to accommodate towing. Your motorhome can be equipped to tow at an additional cost. Some limitations apply. Contact us for details.


Your RV is equipped with a 110 volt electric generator. Running the generator enables you to operate the Roof Air Conditioner, the Microwave Oven and any electrical appliances you bring along (i.e. hair dryer) without having to plug into a 110 volt power source. You can prepay Generator Usage for a flat daily fee. This charge is not a refundable at the end of your trip. Or, you can pay by the hour based on the number of hours used at the end of your trip.


Your motorhome is equipped with a patio awning that can be used for protection from both the sun and the rain. At departure, the awning will be sealed in the closed position. You can prepay for usage prior to your trip at a reduced rate. This is not a refundable fee. Or, you can break the seal while you are on your trip and pay for awning usage at the end of your trip.

Bicycle Rack

Your motorhome can be equipped with a heavy duty bicycle rack capable of carrying up to four bicycles. The rack is locked to the rear of the motorhome. As a result, you can lock your bicycles to the rack for protection during travel.

What's Not Included:

You will be responsible for all of the fuel consumed during your trip. Refueling services at the conclusion of your trip are available at an additional charge. You will be responsible for damaged items, items missing from the RV or damage to the RV.

If renting a motorhome, you will be charged a mileage fee based on the number miles that you travel. An up front charge will be based on your estimate. The actual miles traveled will be based on the odometer and will be the basis for the actual mileage charge at the end of your trip. Many of our competitors offer "free miles." However, the cost is usually buried in the rental rate. This is not fair to the customer who takes a long trip and travel a short distance. Therefore, we have chosen to reduce our rental rates and charge everyone for the miles they use.


All drivers must be 25 years of age

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