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  • Route 66 Classic Coverage - Extended Service Agreements

    Route 66 Classic Coverage - Extended Service Agreements

    Every RV sold by Norm's RV goes through a comprehensive 60-point inspection by our team of industry certified service professionals. And, every RV up to ten years old includes a Certified Pre-Owned 66-day, unlimited mileage, written, nationwide, limited warranty - at no additional cost. For extra peace of mind, comprehensive extended service agreements are available on just about every RV we sell. This protection provides comfort in knowing that you have 100% parts and labor coverage in the event of a failure of any of the major house and/or chassis systems on your RV - for up to seven years. You only pay a small $34.00 deductible per visit.

    Both our Certified Pre-Owned warranty and our Extended Service Agreements are administered and underwritten by the largest provider of extended service agreements on the planet - Assurant Solutions. You can feel confident that your warranty will be there when you need it. See store for complete coverage details.

  • Expert Gap - Total Loss Protection

    Expert Gap - Total Loss Protection

    If your RV is financed and you suffer a total loss (fire/theft/collision), your insurance company will determine a settlement value without any regard for what you owe on your RV loan. If the settlement value is less than your loan balance, and it usually is, you will be responsible for the difference. Gap insurance will pay the difference between the insurance settlement and the loan demand. This will eliminate the need to dip into your savings or damage your credit if you do not have the funds for such an unexpected need. Suffering a total loss of your RV is devastating enough without the additional burden of an insurance deficiency. This relatively inexpensive protection should be considered in all cases where the buyer does not have an immediate equity position in their new RV. See store for complete coverage details.

  • Road Sentry - Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Protection

    Road Sentry - Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Protection

    Nothing will derail your RV vacation faster than damage to your tires or wheels. The cost of such an event can eat up hundreds of dollars in short order. Road Sentry will eliminate the costs associated with such an event. Without any pro-ration or deductible, this warranty will pay for the repair or replacement of your RV tires or rims should they be damaged by a road hazard. Whatever wheel damage you may encounter on the road - nails, potholes, debris, or something unseen - Road Sentry will cover the cost of replacement or repair as well as all balancing and sales tax charges. You may not be able to prevent tire damage from happening, but you can be ready for it with Road Sentry. And, this coverage extends to the towing or towed vehicle while connected to your RV. Coverage is available for up to seven years and the cost is usually recovered with just one event. See store for complete coverage details.

  • TreadAssure

    TreadAssure - Stop Flat Tires

    Drive assured with TreadAssure. TreadAssure is designed to protect your tires from punctures so you don't end up on the side of the road during your next vacation. Reduce the risk of blowouts and stop flat tires with the use of TreadAssure. It also protects against rust, corrosion and lasts the life of the tires. Norms RV will install TreadAssure through the tire's valve system and the sealing process will begin immediately. See store for complete coverage details.

  • MaxxGard - Interior and Exterior Environmental Protection

    MaxxGard - Interior and Exterior Environmental Protection

    One of the most significant factors in determining the future value of any RV is the condition. Because most RVs are stored outside and subjected to the rigors of daily living, keeping your new RV looking good can be challenging. To protect your RVs future condition, Norm's RV offers the complete MaxxGard line of protective coatings for the interior and exterior of your RV. MaxxGard protection products guarantee the exterior paint or gel coat and the interior leather, vinyl, fabric, and carpet surfaces. If your exterior loses its shine or your interior protected surfaces should become stained, there is a toll-free number that will dispatch a professional to your home or office to restore your RV to it's pre-soiled condition. Coverage is even available to protect against rips, tears, punctures, or burns to the interior protected surfaces.

    The MaxxGard coatings are produced by ECP/Daubert Industries. They have been manufacturing protection products for the motor vehicle industry since 1935 and are used in over 10,000 dealerships in North America. Their protective coatings have been used on the NASA space shuttles since the 1980s. Their obligations are fully insured through Western General Insurance Company. Even if ECP/Daubert, MaxxGard, and Norm's RV went out of business, your surfaces are still fully insured by Western General. Coverage is available on new and used RVs up to three years old. See store for complete coverage details.

  • Parts 66 Protection

    Parts 66 Protection

    Today's consumer expects the option to add a warranty beyond that which is offered by the manufacturer. Parts 66 Protection is exactly that for many of the commonly purchased parts for your RV. This includes smaller purchases such as portable inverters and larger purchases such as awnings, generators, and satellite systems. Parts 66 Protection offers peace of mind knowing that you are covered should you have an unexpected failure of any covered item. Benefits include:

    100% coverage on parts and labor

    No deductibles or hidden charges*

    No limits to the number of repairs**

    No "lemon" guarantee

    Fully transferable

    Renewable coverage on most products

    Nationwide authorized service center network

    *Visit our store for complete details.

  • RVAdvantage - RV Insurance

    RVAdvantage - RV Insurance

    For state required "automobile" insurance, RVAdvantage specializes in insuring the needs of RVers. RVAdvantage is the Route 66 RV Network's recommended provider for your RV insurance needs. Get your RV insurance customized quote now!

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